The Grey Horse
"The grey horse"-about five months old

Thank you for all the interest in Geoffrey-but he has been
sold and is settling into a wonderful new home in NH

Thank you for all the interest in Geoffrey-but he has been
sold and is settling into a wonderful new home in NH

 "Geoffrey" was foaled on June 9th, 2003. He is tall, elegant,
very sweet, smart, and a willing learner. He was imprinted
at birth and has been
raised around small children,
dogs, large tractors etc. He will be quite tall, much like his
sire and dam, who were both 17 hands
(Geoffrey may be slightly taller at maturity).

So far, Geoffrey has completed over 6 months of professional
 training.  His original under saddle training was done
 by Gretchen Anderson, an extremely gifted hunter jumper
rider/trainer.  Geoffrey is
currently in training with another extremely
gifted trainer, Grand Prix Dressage rider, Adam Cropper,
 in Haverhill, MA.

Geoffrey is easy to ride and has very comfortable gaits. He
naturally tracks well under himself, over stepping by almost
 a foot at the walk. He is very balanced and athletic,
especially for such a large young horse. He is going
well under saddle W/T/C with fairly smooth transitions.
He is very easy going to ride and will happily travel
walk/trot/Canter, on the buckle.  He has been taken over a
few small fences and will even jump a small course,
But, due to his age, the current focus is on his dressage
training. He has been trailered to off-site lessons numerous
times and even attended his first show this summer and won
the top score and 1st place ribbon in his walk/trot dressage
test. Although he is still somewhat green as a young three
year-old, due to his willing nature, and calm temperament
he would be likely be suitable for an advanced beginner in
training. He is also talented enough to be a strong competitor
for the advanced or professional rider as well.With continued
training through the winter, he should easily be able to start
a more extensive show career next Spring.

 Geoffrey has excellent ground manners. He trailers easily,
cross-ties, is good for the vet/farrier, and gets along well
 with other horses.

Geoffery is a striking, talented horse who will get you noticed.
He has a fantastic temperament and a great mind-which
him a pleasure to work with, and a very fast learner.
He has almost
no spook and is typically not bothered by
loud noises, screaming children, high winds, or even other
bucking and bolting. He can comfortably be ridden
in an open (unfenced) arena with horses running along-side
has never tried to buck or bolt since he has been under

He seems to have inherited the same fantastic work ethic that
I so admired in his beautiful dam. I no longer own her as she is
 formally retired due to an injury,but in her younger days,
she was a successful FEI competitor and one of the most polite,
professional horses I have known.
She was a beautiful Hanoverian mare who
stood just a hair under 17h. She had jumped earlier in her career,
she had only been ridden dressage in recent years.
She must have been quite
a jumper though, as even at age 19
and too lame for even light riding,
she could still jump when
she felt the need. We learned this one
day as we watched her
sail from a near stand-still over a 4+ foot
fence as she decided
that she wanted to

join her girlfriends on the other side.

For more information, please contact owner, Kristina Gustafson
or his trainer, Adam Cropper.
To request a video/DVD, please call owner at the numbers listed below.

Trainer: Adam Cropper
Phone: 603-540-5509

Owner: Kristina Gustafson
Phone: 603-672-5103
Cell: 603-582-5103

Gluckspiel 1985 Elite
Geoffrey's sire

Geoffrey's Sire, Gluckspiel, is a beautiful, 17h Elite Hanoverian grey stallion. 
Gluckspiel's grandfather, Gotthard was a strong, well known producer of
the highest performing Sport Horses. Gluckspiel is a strong breed
improvement sire who has been proven to consistently stamp his get with
his own striking presence, three correct gaits, temperament and athletic
ability. His offspring compete and are winning in Dressage, Show Jumping,
Eventing, Hunters, and Foxhunting

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