I have been riding horses since I was a child, taking lessons at the local stable at the age of 6. I acquired my first pony at the age of 9. He was one of those ponies that gives ponies a bad name. He'd do anything to get out of work-buck, kick, bite, take off... I knew though that if I told my parents that I wanted to sell him, I may never get another pony (I had begged relentlessly for years before I got my first pony). Because we kept him at home in the backyard, I was on my own with little guidance. I had tried a local dressage trainer, but after he repeatedly bucked her off she wanted nothing to do with him! I started hanging out at a local hunter/jumper/dressage barn where there were almost constant lessons running. After watching weeks of lessons with horses at all levels of training, I developed a new sense of confidence and some new ideas to "retrain" my pony. With a lot of determination (and a really strong seat as I didn't even own a saddle!), he was completely transformed into a "solid citizen". After seeing what I had accomplished with my own pony, I was often called upon to get on the "crazy" horses. I started working at that same facility helping people deal with their skittish, and "problem" horses. Also, as I only weighed about 100 lbs soaking wet, I was often recruited to be the 1st rider on local youngsters. I trained my first horse under saddle (a three year old arabian stallion) at age 13. With the help of a wonderful instructor, I continued his training through second level dressage.

Since then I have worked with numerous youngsters, including many stallions. I have also started many horses under saddle. I have experience running large horse facilities, which incorporated boarding, training, and breeding. I have shown under saddle in both dressage and hunter jumper, and in hand at both open and breed shows.

As we slowly expand our breeding program when (if) the economy improves, we will again venture out to in-hand breed shows with our young prospects. We will continue to focus on the Andalusians and Gaited horses as they are gorgeous, easy to train, versatile, and typically very smart and willing. They also have a certain lightness that I did not find as much with some of the modern warmbloods. In all of our breeding endeavors, we strive to produce some of the best that each breed has to offer. All of our breeding stock is chosen for it's well known bloodlines, athletic ability, temperament, desirable coat colors, and sheer beauty. We won't settle for less. To make it into our limited barn space, a horse has to have all of the above qualities. Both in our miniatures and big horses. We put a lot of time and energy into each one of our horses' health and well being. They are fed natural, balanced diets for sound growth and over-all health. In addition, our foals receive extensive handling. Because if this early handling, our horses are friendly, well adjusted, and respectful of their human partners. We have purebred Friesians and Andalusians, and also cross our Andalusian stallion with some of our other mares to produce some colorful Aztecas and Baroque gaited horses. These foals are bred for correct conformation, disposition, and over-all athletic ability (also smoothness/range of gait in the gaited horses-so that you can keep up with those big trotting horses in comfort and style;). Our goal is to turn out top quality pleasure/trail/show prospects that anyone would be proud to own.

If you are looking for a more typical warmblood sporthorse for either jumping or dressage, we can highly recommend a few local farms that can help you find the horse of your dreams. We do not earn a commission for these referrals. We have personally worked with these farms and are confident that they will find you a horse that is appropriate for your skill level and desired use. A horse is a big investment, and every rider deserves to have a safe and sound horse with whom they can reach their riding goals-be they trail riding, or grand prix competition. If you are a new horse buyer. I strongly recommend that you consult the advice of a professional trainer before making a purchase. Horse riding can be a dangerous sport in the best of circumstances, and a rider who is "over-horsed" is a tragedy waiting to happen. We take the responsibility of placing our horses very seriously. We have a lot of experience with horses, and we always want to make sure that you are buying a horse that is appropriate for you and your skill level. We want you to be happy with your horse, and we hope that, in turn, you will recommend us to others.

In addition to our Baroque horses, we have also branched out into raising the miniatures so that the kids can be more readily involved. Our miniatures are bred as top quality show prospects with very modern type that closely resemble the true Arabian with their beauty, grace, presence, and intelligence. We breed for true horse proportions, with the ultimate refinement, tiny but delicate heads, and good length of leg. Most of our miniatures can compete on the National level in halter classes while also have the having the fluid, elegant movement necessary for the driving or liberty arena. Although our focus is on breeding National quality show horses, we often have foals or mature horses available that are priced very reasonably for those just looking for a pet to love.

Our new facilities are currently still in the remodeling phase, but they will eventually have 12 box stalls, numerous paddocks with run-ins, 56 acres of grass/hay pasture fenced mostly with steel pipe fence, hot walker, wash rack, full sized roping arena with stadium lighting, and separate hay barn. We have a state of the art monitoring system and all of our foals births are attended and each one is imprinted. All of our horses are handled daily and the foals get plenty of one on one attention.

We welcome visitors-by appointment only please.





Dallas, TX